Sustainability Starts With Resilience


eampact's mission is to help people protect and improve their lives and property by simplifying and centralizing information about sustainable homes and sustainable home builders that can help protect from floods, wildfires, heatwaves, and other climate risks.


It's time to build smarter. Extreme climate conditions are the new normal. Data shows a rising trend of high-cost disasters and fatality rates due to extreme climate conditions. Truly sustainable homes and communities must adapt to these changing conditions. Our main focus is to help homeowners achieve sustainable building design and construction, enhancing protection from extreme weather events while emphasizing materials sustainability, quality and durability.

Areas of Focus

climate adaptation


We aim to provide clear, simple, actionable information about climate mitigation, climate adaptation, and their associated risks and solutions.

A Sustainable Future

Social Wisdom

We strive to establish a network of professionals and individuals who want to find the best solutions for their homes to help build a truly sustainable future.

Eco Houses

Collective actions

We believe that only through the sharing of information and the collaboration between homeowners, professionals, municipal officials, non-profits, and communities with a desire for a better future, we can reach sustainability and resilience.

The Team

We are a small and growing team from North America set out on a big mission: to help people appropriately deal with mounting environmental changes and climate extremes by providing impactful information and resources.

With help from great people around the globe, we managed to take our first steps in our journey and are now working to expand our partnerships and network of homeowners, communities, and professionals that strive to build a resilient future.

All Things Mother Nature

Mother, partner, homeowner. In love with earth and nature. LEED Green Associate with an MS in Environmental Management from USFCA. Climate change is real. While mitigation strategies are critical, I strongly believe we must adapt.

Down to Earth

Father, partner, homeowner, concerned human being, motivated to make a change. No point in getting scared. Only by acting fast can we battle climate change while adapting and maintaining safe and healthy communities and families.

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