A City Adventure Awaits: Eco-Living in the Heart of Town

Living in the city doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing your connection to nature or your control on your home's climate resilience! From green roofs to renewable energy, explore the different climate resilient srategies implemented in your own city and learn what the city recommends for homeowners to improve the climate-resilience in their homes withing the cities.

Monroe County, Path to Climate Resilience

The chief resilience officer in Monroe County, Rhonda Haag, outlined the challenging path to resilience that lies ahead for the Keys. The costly plans, backed by extensive research, aim to protect a unique county that is surrounded by the ocean, from sea level rise.
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Kansas City, Path to Climate Resilience

Andrew Savastino, Chief Environmental Officer in the city of Kansas City, shares with us the approach, strategy, challenges, and hurdles the city faces as it is working to incorporate climate adaptation into its actions.
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Climate Resilient Austin

Marc Coudert, Environmental Conservation Program Manager in the City of Austin helped lay out the city’s numerous bold and proactive actions toward climate adaptation and mitigation, that can inspire and motivate other cities.
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Climate Resilient Philadelphia

We spoke with Cheyenne Flores, a Community resilience specialist in the city of Philadelphia helped to layout the aspirations, challenges, and efforts that the city undertakes to adapt to a changing climate.
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Sacramento Confronts Flood and Drought Risks

We spoke with Greg Sandlund, the planning director at the city of Sacramento, who thoroughly described the challenges city faces due to the changing climate and the work that is being done to address those challenges and overcome them.
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Climate Resilient Boulder

We spoke with Carolyn Elam, Energy program strategy manager in the city of Boulder, and with Christin Whitco, Former Energy Code Coordinator in Boulder. They agreed to lay out the challenges and the efforts that the city of Boulder undertakes to adapt to the increasing frequency of extreme weather events.
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