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Climate Resilient Austin

Marc Coudert, Environmental Conservation Program Manager in the City of Austin helped lay out the city’s numerous bold and proactive actions toward climate adaptation and mitigation, that can inspire and motivate other cities.
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Climate Resilient Philadelphia

We spoke with Cheyenne Flores, a Community resilience specialist in the city of Philadelphia helped to layout the aspirations, challenges, and efforts that the city undertakes to adapt to a changing climate.
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Keeping Our Heads Above Water

The rising sea levels caused by global warming may impact homes, buildings, and cities. What is the government doing about it, and what can YOU do?
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Lead by Example

The building industry, architects and contractors, have the knowledge and the tools to design truly sustainable homes. Homes that are both eco-friendly and resilient. Homes that have less impact on the environment, and can withstand the impact from the environment. Homes that offer safety, comfort, and efficiency.
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Getting the job done

When was the last time you bought a toy for your kids and realized, wow, look at the craftsmanship, amazing!?...
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3D Printed Homes

Exciting as it was to hold an object that was made by 3D printing technologies, it was not close to the excitement of realizing...
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Prefabricated homes are dwelling types that are partially or completely manufactured off-site in advance. The factory-made components...
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Community Resilience

Why do we need our communities to be more resilient? What actions can we take within our communities to make them more resilient generally, and climate resilient...
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Save on Resilience

A sustainable building has an economic aspect to it. Buildings are long-term, capital-intensive investments designed to perform...
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Climate Insurance

Insurance is an important aspect to consider if you wish your property to be sustainable. The rising number of extreme weather...
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What is True Sustainability

Searching “sustainability” on the web, one of the results that pop up is a definition by the UN World Commission on Environment...
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Branch Out

Learn about the easiest way to contribute to reforestation. Read about why planting trees is important and how you can easily support it
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How does the environment impact our homes

Many buildings are vulnerable to progressive changes in climate and extreme events. Extreme weather events...
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What is Climate Adaptation

Climate and buildings affect one another. The built environment is a significant contributor to GreenHouse Gas emissions (GHGs)...
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Collective Positive Impact

Many climate activists like Al Gore, Sir David Attenborough, and Greta Thunberg, along with nonprofit, research, and social...
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Sacramento Confronts Flood and Drought Risks

We spoke with Greg Sandlund, the planning director at the city of Sacramento, who thoroughly described the challenges city faces due to the changing climate and the work that is being done to address those challenges and overcome them.
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